Egyptian fine artist Nadia sirry inaugurated her exhibition in Cairo

Badr Mohammed Badr
Egyptian artist Nadia Sirry inaugurated her exhibition of fine arts “Vision” at the Syndicate  of Journalists on Wednesday.  The exhibiton includes twenty one  paintings, some in oil and others in watercolor,  scheduled to continue until the 14th of June .
Al Jazeera Net was present at the opening of the show, and pondered the paintings, including the painting entitled ” Departing dream” in which the artist  imagined a young man all his main concern is to travel, his eyes are watching the lights of sailing  boat  , while the light is flickering weak on the horizon, symbolizing  that this dream is threatened with failure, and better for him to work and produce in his homeland.
A painting entitled “ball in the ally” which embodies  children playing  football at an  Egyptian ally, and “reconciliation,” a reconciliation between children in a popular area in the talk of ancient Egypt, and “Childhood” for children running in the Egyptian village fields, and the “Corniche Alexandria,” which charts people on the beach, where children play kites.
Painting of the show (IRIN)
Vendor thermes
There are also portraits reflect the simple, such as Portrait of a personal seller thermes, and the painting “the girl child and Puppet,” which expresses the relationship of the child and her grandfather, and other panel expresses the dream of a child wearing a bridal dress standing  in front of the mirror dreaming to be a bride, and in the painting “Mother’s Journey” she imagines life as a sea, and the mother of two children  trying hart  to take them to safety righteousness.
Artist Nadia Sirry said to Al-Jazeera  that she draws inspiration for her paintings of fantasy and imagination, so shade its blurry layer symbolize the sense of the dream out of reality and the start of the Spirit, and hopes to convey her heartly feelings to the receiver Kahacis of heart easily reach the hearts of the people who are the focus of interest in her artwork .
through her paintings.
Al Jazeera Net interviewed a number of visitors at the exhibition, says Farida Baisie Each painting carries a meaning and each is different from the other, in the view of the Tunisian artist Aisha Hamdi about artist Nadia Sirry she said that she is as  warm and quiet as her colors, and that she is in love with the Egyptian countryside , people, children, peasants, the beach and the sea. She uses the impressionist colors in an expressionist way  to conveythe Egyptian reality, and show her works at this show reflects depth in dreamy colors and some of them seem like a mirage.
Manal Gomaa indicates that the exhibition reflects ancient Egypt, and many things we lack today, including the intimacy of the Egyptian family, children palying with their toys, and despite its simplicity understanding enjoying the out of Doakhlhm, and reflect paintings a sense of graded colors consistent deep express intimacy between people and there is always light in the background, in anticipation and waiting for something.
Independent school
Critic Ibrahim Hanitar: said Nadia gives a sense of movement in visually School (IRIN)
Critic and artist Ibrahim Hanitr believes that the artist Nadia of the few who have their independent art school, where romance and a sense of spontaneous and honest, and has a vision and high technical capabilities, and the scenes of cellular then give a sense of visual motion School, which is concerned with the villagers, fishermen and children’s games, and in portraiture paint manner reflect the understanding and study of the psychological character set.
It should be noted that the artist Nadia Sirry studied art with renowned artists, and acquired a certificate from Ivan Bleben Russian School of the Arts, she is also a member of many art societies among which is in the art lovers Society and  the Egyptian Art preservation society.
The artist has announced a donation of half the income of her exhibition for the benefit of early intervention and rehabilitation for children with special needs of the Islamic Relief UK Helwan center.
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