Egyptian participation at «Renewed World» exhibition in Uruguay

Dalia Mnchaoy wrote:

Egyptian Fine artist Nadia sirry had an invitation from Er-mano center for artists of Latin America, Brazil, to participate at the travelling  exhibition (renewed world)  which will be held at the Palais des Santos in Montevideo sponsored by the Ministry of External  Affairs of Uruguay . Egypt is participating with 7 countries of Latin America and 56 artists, all of whom shared with an art work in his field of specializaion  until Thursday, then the show  moves to other cities. Artist Nadia Sirry is  participating with an oil painting  entitled “born again” representing the lotus flower symbol of resurrection for the ancient Egyptians as closed in the evening and dive into the water and then go back to the float and bloom in the morning celebrated by birds and life opens its key to the born again. The invitation of exhibition’s adminstration to artist Nadia Sirry came after winning the frist award  at the Fifth International Biennial of Ecuador, which was held in Quito, Ecuador in August with a participation of more than a hundred artists from all over the world.

Alahram newspaper

date: 11-8-2014

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