Fine Artist Nadia sirry wins first prize at the Biennial of Ecuador

yaser alaobyre

Artist Nadia Sirry has won the First Prize of the International Biennale Ecuador in its fifth session, and that is through the her art works about the “Nile River”, comprised of two oil paintings entited   “Timeless Nile” and “Satet and Nile’s Inundation.”  Egyptian presence at the Biennale  has received both officials and the public interest, as well as the presence of Egypt’s ambassador in Ecuador Ambassador Medhat Melegy and his wife, who attend  both the opening and  the awards ceremonys, which took place at the Ecuadorian people’s Assembly. After receiving the award from Mr. George Cevalos “director of the Biennale,” Mr. Kalomani “head of the jury’s committee,”  Artist Nadia Sirry expressed her great happiness with this coronation, saying: I thank the Lord who honored me with this big award of such an important Biennale at the international level, and I dedicate my prize to the cradle of civilizations of Egypt and its great people and being sure that  Egypt will reach its rightful position among the nations of the world, thanks to the arms of her sons descendants of the Pharaohs. ”



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