Nadia Sirry celebrates the Egyptian workers in paintings

Today is the anniversary of the Labor Day, an occasion to monitor creativity in various forms, including fine art. On this day, we must remember the works of the plastic artist Nadia Sirry, whose paintings have represented the struggle of workers.

The “Production Wheel” was presented to the workers of Egypt on the occasion of Labor Day as a tribute to Egypt’s loyal workers in all fields, pushing the wheels of production to the city, which is shining a new dawn.

artist Nadia Sirry used to give a painting on every national or international occasion, which is a hope and a bright energy that predicts a better future through which the artist is keen to convey optimism and joy.  She always links the various themes with a symbol or an ancient Egyptian character that connects the immortal past with the present or the future.


But the highlight through her paintings on the Egyptian worker in various aspects, has taken her to produce a large number of artworks, which are to be considered as icons of the descendants of Pharaohs builders of the pyramids work.

Here is a variety of her paintings that celebrate the Egyptian workers…

Paintings….six artworks


Mobtada 1.5.2016

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