Nadia Sirry’s “Feather” at the Opera House

Ancient and Modern Egypt by artist Nadia Sirry  –  7th December 2015

Nadia Sirry’s “Feather” at the Opera House

Artist Nadia Sirry holds her latest exhibition at Salah Taher Gallery in the Opera House. It is entitled “The Feather”, in which fifty-three paintings are presented, most of which are painted in oil colors on different materials like wood, gold leaf and canvas as well as other watercolor paintings, A collection of selected artworks for various stages passed by the artist during the last ten years. Nadia Sirry .. Born in 1958, member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists and a number of art associations, has held many special and collective exhibitions, and has international participations, including the Fourth Intercontinental Biennale of Ecuador, the Travelling Gallery of the Biennale of Canada, won the special prize for the 4th Intercontinental Biennale of Ecuador for watercolor painting and the first prize of the Fifth Intercontinental Biennial of Ecuador. In addition to many certificates of appreciation, among which the honoring of the Minister of Culture and the Head of Fine Arts Sector.The artist has acquisitions at The Museum of Modern Art, the Agricultural Museum, the Museum of the Ecuadorian Cultural Palace, the American University, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Journalists Syndicate … and with individuals in Egypt and abroad, the exhibition will continue until Thursday, December 10th.


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