Tale and Color “The Big Night” through eyes of Nadia Sirry

Here we learn about another experience, which is so officially announced, the painting “Theater of Life” by Nadia Sirry.                                  

“The world is a great theater, and all men and women are only actors on this stage,” Shakespeare said.
Here we learn about another experience, which is announced in visual art, the painting “Theatre Life” by artists Nadia Sirry.

The artist in the painting awakened  the puppets of Naji Shaker, the heroes of Operetta,” The Big Night” directed by Salah El Sakka.  The artist has used the camouflaged earth in the painting, which transmits the view of the sky and the clouds, where the infinite background shows the other objects of the puppets. The transparent curtain that flies, like the dividing line between the appearance and the inner reality of each of them, you see the seller of chickpeas, which calls “Homs Homs dancing on the fire, the dancer who sings “my scarf has flown in the air”, the clown, the cinema brave hero with big moustache, and two puppets are also watching what is happening on the big night, this time through the eyes of Nadia Sirry.

Al-Bawaba / Cultur

Thursday 28th September 2017

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